Tangerine Background

Tangerine Background


Tangerine                                                                                     Names: _______________________    

Use the links below to answer the following questions.  The links can be found at my classroom website.


 Read this article and interview with Edward Bloor, author of Tangerine:

1. Why would Edward Bloor have a good feel for middle school students?  In other words, what experience does he have that helps him have insight into the middle school mind?





2. What was his inspiration for Tangerine?




 3. If you were attending an Organized Outdoor Athletic Event, and you feel your hair standing on end and/or hear a “crackling noise,” what must be happening?





 4. What is the underlying cause of sinkholes?




5. Where does most sinkhole damage occur?



6. Which type of rock is present in Florida?  Evaporite or carbonate?




7. What causes muck fires, according to this article?



8. What three things provided the perfect conditions for the muck fire?



9. Besides smelling really bad, what other inconveniences did this muck fire cause?



10. Why did they have to close the local interstate highway?


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